• About

    Hi Friends and Fans,

    OK, I know many of you have asked me to dish out a little more information about my life and how I came to be a Diva Soprano.  You asked for it….

    Yes, yes, yes…I am a Texas Girl and spent my tiny tot years in the heart of Lone Star State, Austin.  But I did not stay there…my parents moved all over the world including Germany and Australia, and even a stint in North Carolina.  Luckily, I grew up in a musical family and was surrounded with classical music since I was born..

    My mother was an accomplished violinist and my father was a popular pianist (before he decided to become a microbiologist, gees).   Add to the mix that my grandfather played the trumpet and my grandmother was concert pianist, I guess destiny had it out for me!

    My foray into music began when I started playing violin as a young girl. While I enjoyed it very much, after many years of practice it soon dawned on me that I did not have the technique to become a world class violinist.  Others made it look easy, but not me!  Luckily, about the same time I discovered I was just an average violin player; I stumbled (literally) into singing when I took my first voice lesson at 15.  Dear, dear Susan Lincoln, my first voice teacher and an angel, once told me “You have a voice for opera,” and kept encouraging me to pursue a career in it.

    At the time, I had absolutely no idea what was opera much less that you could actually do it for a living! But lo, the more I practiced the better I got, and then well, I really started to do some cool acrobatic things with my voice, and really, it was just fun!

    Side note: I was also a gymnast growing up, so to me gymnastics of the voice was right up my alley. I kept up with it, started performing locally, and decided to major in voice and then education.  Of course, by the time I decided to enter college my family had moved back to Austin, so UT here I come!  Hook’em Horns!

    Incredibly, I graduated with over 210 hours of study in music voice and in elementary education (reading specialist) (210 hours is really two degrees!). Meanwhile I studied with Terry Lusk who was the coach of the San Francisco Opera who personally coached Pavarotti.  Terry Lusk instructed me in the techniques of the great singers. As a result,  I was selected to attend the International Institute of Vocal Arts where after attending, I was invited to be coached in New York City with staff of the Metropolitan Opera.

    I was so young and naive at the time that I was not ready to take the offer to be in the Met chorus. I returned back to Texas, got a Masters in Music at the Meadows School of the Arts conservatory SMU, where I studied with the late, great Thomas Hayward who sang at Covenant Garden.  I completed my Masters with Louise Lerch, the accomplished author of numerous music books on Broadway performance pieces. I completed my Masters, wed and then given another gift in life.  Heaven gave me a special-needs son who is diagnosed with Autism. I had two gifts but knew I had to put him first. I traveled all over the country educating myself in the field of autism.

    Of course, I had to make a choice of taking care of one gift at the expense of another, and for at the time the choice was easy. I spent the next five years desperately trying to find a “cure”  for my son. I even home-schooled him and incredibly the knowledge I gleaned from my Elementary Education degree was fortuitous in my ability to educate my son to his fullest potential – Kismet. I believe, in life, every choice we make leads us into a direction where there is a reason that we are in the place where we are.  Life opens doors, but we have to walk through them. It is fate and destiny. My son is now doing very well and is stabilized with a full team caring for him. He is the inspiration in every note that I sing and he is always in my heart.  Knowing that he is safe, and well tended, I am now ready to reemerge onto the stage I had reluctantly left and now share my heart and my music with world!   I am a VERY lucky woman.